Strength power pack





We are offering two of our most popular products as a fantastic money saving bundle.  Only £22  for both saving nearly 20%.

1 The wobble cushion - perfect for developing core strength - balancing on the cushion is deceivingly hard but so much fun.  It can also be used for strengthening ankles in readiness for going en pointe.  Add more air and make the cushion firmer to make it easier to stand and sit on.  Let the air out to make it more wobbly

2  Ankle/wrist weights.  The perfect size for younger uses - and a choice of 0.25kg and 0.5kg,  Or get both sizes for just an additional £10 so that you can have ankle and wrist weights.  We recommend 0,25kg as ankle weights for users under the age of 7.


And if you want a real challenge - try doing leg raises with your weights on whilst standing on your wobble cushion.  If you can do this, let us know, we would love to feature you on our website.


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