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Stretch ladders (or stretch bars) were created to help develop the static oversplit, which in turn can help with split based movements, such as split leaps, jetés, firebirds etc. The ladders can also be used to help support in walk backs (but please ensure they are resting against a wall when doing this) and for standing stretches.

Our ladders are custom built out of wood and painted in whatever colours you choose - dance school/gym club colours, match the bedroom , mermaid themed? We will give it a go.
As they are handmade out of wood (and not manufactured out of plastic in a factory) each one may differ slightly, and the wood may have small knots or grain patternation in places. But we love their individuality - its what makes them so unique.



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We do 3 sizes of ladder.    All the lowest bars are the same height of the floor at 14cm The dimensions are below


Perfect for young users, beginners, or somone wanting a lighter weight more portable ladder.  The bars are only 15cm apart so great for someone starting out who doesn't want a big stretch between each step. 


Perfect for all ages, its slightly heavier weight (due to support struts) makes it great for walk backs (when pushed up against a wall or something solid) as well as splits, floor stretches such as folding pikes, and for younger ones - standing stretches.  


This ladder has 4 bars and is 60cm wide so can be used by older users, or as a small ballet barre for standing stretches.  When they are delivered they are sent dismantled due to their size.

  Small Standard Large
Height of top bar 44cm 54cm 74cm
Width of bar 50cm 50cm 60cm
Weight  3kg 4.5kg 6.5kg
Number of bars 3 3 4
Space between bars 15cm 20cm 20cm


Colour of uprights and bars    

Your bars and uprights do not have to be the same colour.   When you pick your colour try and be as descriptive as possible.  For example, don't just put pink, tell us if you want hot pink, or bubblegum pink or baby pink.   

Your bars can be different colours - just say YES you want more than one colour for your bars and then tell us what colours you would like  Again, be as descriptive as you can be.


Ombré or rainbow

 Ombré generally means where a colour gradually gets lighter in a seamless way.  However you can choose to have more than one colour blended - which we call rainbow.  If you select a small or standard ladder you can have 3 different colours blended (not metallic) and for a large you can have 4 colours.    You must select YES to more than one colour on the upright for us to do this paint finish  Just give us as much detail as you can when you tell us what colours you want. You will also need to select YES to more than one colour on the bars as we will make the bars match the corresponding colours on the upright.



All of our ladders are personalised on both sides so you can actually have a different name on either side  - however please remember that in our standard font this is the maximum number of letters

Small - 7

Standard - 8

Large - 10



We put crystals around the name for added sparkle as standard - if you don't want them just let us know in the name field.


Our timescales depend massively on how many orders we have in the queue ahead of you.  Generally we advise giving us 4 weeks - 3 weeks to build, undercoat, paint and personalise your ladder and then 5 working days for delivery.   If you need your ladder in a shorter timescale, please email us before ordering.  We may suggest that you choose express delivery (2 working days) as this gives us a little longer to make your ladder before we need to dispatch it.


When you receive your ladder PLEASE check it in within 48 hours.  If there is damage we have a short window to claim compensation.  Its as heart breaking to us as it is to you if they don't arrive in perfect condition.  If you are worried about this, we suggest you have your ladder sent dismantled (this is obligatory for a large one)  
If the ladder is faulty please also inform us within 5 days of receiving it.    We may be able to help you remotely or we can arrange collection of your ladder so we can rectify the issue and return it to you   If we are unable to rectify the original ladder we will of course supply you with a replacement  

Tightening of screws

Sometimes the process of delivering your ladder can result in the screws holding the bars coming a little loose, and your ladder won't feel as secure as it should.  Please just gently tighen the screws by holding the bar and using a Philips (crossheaded) screwdriver.  They don't need to be overtightened - just enough until the ladder is secure.

When building your large ladder, it is best to put the screws in each hole loosely before tightening them. If you over tighten one side before the other it can make the ladder pull to one side and wobble .  Also try not to over tighten the screws!  


Please supervise any children using their ladder.  They are not designed to be climbed on, sat on, stood on etc.   Also stretching should be done with advise of professionals, such as a dance teacher or gymnastics coach.   We can not be help responsible for any injuries caused by the misuse of your ladder or by unsupervised training.