Foot (arch) stretcher





Our foot stretcher is designed to stretch your feet safely, to help improve the overall arch of the foot, and ultimately to strengthen the pointe of the foot.


The stretcher is made of turned polished wood and comes with rubber sleeve, foam padding and carry bag.   The foam pads can be used to make the foot fit to the stretcher more closely and provide protection to the back of the heel if the user feels they are needed.


The model in the photograph is a foot size 1 (UK) - the stretcher can be fit feet up to adult size 10.  

We recommend that you speak to your coach or dance teacher before purchasing this item for young children and stretching for younger children should always be supervised.

However with just 10 minutes use per day we have seen huge improvements on our 9 year old daughter, both with the strength of her point and her turnout.


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