Dominion crop top and skirt set

Tiffany Rose Dancewear



A fantastic saving of over 10% when you purchase the stunning Dominion leotard and skirt together.  Normal retail price would be £87 for both items, so this is a great saving.  


The crop top set  and skirt are the of the highest quality as you would expect from Tiffany Rose.  The mesh in the skirt and used in the crop top set  is overlaid with an oil slick glaze which means the material reflects different colours depending on the light.  


The crop top set on its own is subtle enough to wear in class, however paired with the skirt it makes a strking on stage outfit for a contemporary/lyrical routine.  So its a really versatile purchase

The skirt comes in two sizes, age 7-10 and age 11-13.  The drop from the waistband is 12 inches.


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