OWNLY 1 Trolley bag



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The OWNLY 1 trolley bag is the only bag you will ever need.  Perfect for dance shows, festivals, competitions, conventions, any event where a mobile rail would be useful.


Large enough to get everything you need in inside whilst not being too big to fit into your car!  Can be collapsed down when not in use - just remove the support rails (which are inserted into specially concealed zip pockets.


Quick and easy to assemble - the bag will come fully collapsed and is put together in a couple of minutes.  The rail is assembled in a matter of seconds.


A pull out handle and wheels means you don't have to carry your bag over your shoulder - although there are double straps to do just that if you so desire. 


There are loads of pockets inside and out of  the bag, including a foil lined cooler pocket perfect for keeping your drinks cold and your chocolate firm!


Incredible quality, at a price point that won't break the bank, the OWNLY 1 bag is a must have.


Size is 70cm wide, 36cm high (with the rail down)  and 46cm deep.


Available in 3 colour ways:  Black/pink, Black/purple and Black/aqua.


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